Cancellation of Keystone XL

During these challenging times, it is extremely disappointing to see both federal and municipal governments turn their collective backs on the those employed in our energy sector, and especially in the oil and gas industry. To be complacent in the shut down of the Keystone XL pipeline, or to turn your back on much-needed financial donations, support funds, advertising dollars, and more, is disgraceful.

The hardworking Canadians affected by this decision have provided not only for their own families, but for those across this great country through their work in the energy industry. They help to provide the energy that is needed for transportation, power, and heating our homes, as well as the resources used to produce, process, and deliver our food from field to table.

Without our energy workers, our communities would not even have much of the tax revenue that enables us to have the essential social services that we have come to rely and depend on. It is unconscionable that these very people are now being shown such a blatant lack of respect.

To those who provide these services and who do this important work – thank you. Rest assured that every Canadian working within our oil and gas sector is welcome in Souris – Moose Mountain. You are greatly valued, and you have my continued support.