Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are failing to get Canadians vaccinated and working again

Justin Trudeau’s failure to deliver vaccines means another 213,000 Canadians lost their jobs in January.

After this week, there are no confirmed shipments of Moderna’s vaccine, and the Liberals’ plan to make vaccines in Canada won’t churn out doses until the end of the year.

Jobs, savings and lives are at risk. More unemployment means too many households will be forced to take on staggering credit card debt just to get through the month.

With businesses at risk in Souris – Moose Mountain, the federal Liberals must present a budget – their first in 2 years – that will bring our economy back to life.

Prime Minister Trudeau has left Canada with the lowest vaccination rate, the biggest deficit, and one of the highest unemployment rates in the G7.

This isn’t how it should be. To recover from the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression, we need to get Canadians back to work in every sector.

Conservatives will continue to work for those left behind by Justin Trudeau and focus on getting Souris – Moose Mountain working again.