Liberals must lower taxes and cut red tape for small businesses

Over the past four years, Justin Trudeau’s policies have made it harder for entrepreneurs to get ahead and driven investment out of Canada.

The Prime Minister attacked small business owners and called them tax cheats. Meanwhile, the Liberal government hiked payroll taxes, tried to tax employee discounts, and imposed a carbon tax that makes life more expensive.

The Liberals also created even more red tape, which makes it harder for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and hire new workers. In fact, the Montreal Economic Institute found that there are more than 136,000 regulations on the federal books, an increase of 4,300 since Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister.

It’s time to get our economy back on track. Canada’s Conservatives are calling for a plan to relaunch our economy, including eliminating red tape so that businesses can build, hire and grow. We’re also calling on the government to cut taxes for workers and entrepreneurs to reward investment and hard work, and to put in place a reasonable plan to phase out the deficit to reassure investors.

Conservatives are proud to be the voice of hard-working entrepreneurs.