Statement on Mandatory Hotel Quarantine


Last week, the Liberal government announced new travel restrictions including: a suspension of all flights by major Canadian airlines to all Caribbean destinations and Mexico, only allowing international flights to land in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. Additionally, a mandatory PCR test upon arrival and a mandatory quarantine in an approved hotel for 3 days while awaiting test results at your own expense (up to $2,000).


If a traveller tests negative, they are able to quarantine at home for the remainder of the 14 days, under strict rules. If a traveller tests positive they must quarantine in a federal facility.


Conservatives have always encouraged Canadians to follow federal and provincial public health guidelines and we were the first to call upon the government to secure the border at the start of the pandemic – the Liberals were too slow to act. We’re now a year into the pandemic and we aren’t using what we’ve learned from the first wave.


Justin Trudeau hasn’t succeeded in bringing permanent solutions like vaccines, rapid testing, variant testing capacity, and therapeutics for widespread use in Canada. We need to be using these tools to reduce quarantine times, like our allies around the world are doing.


We’re here today because they’ve failed to secure and use these tools. The Liberal government needs to provide clarity and tell the constituents of Souris-Moose Mountain when and how new COVID-19 restrictions can be eased – what percentage of Canadians need to be vaccinated?


By now, Canadians should know when things are going to get better. The Liberals can’t keep asking the constituents of Souris-Moose Mountain to sacrifice more without being clear when restrictions can be eased.


Conservatives are calling on the Liberals to give Canadians a clear plan and the information they deserve.