Trucker Protest

As I have said before my stance on the issue has not changed. I continue to support their right to peacefully protest. I encourage the truckers that remain in the streets of Ottawa and throughout our country to remain peaceful and to speak out against those that are displaying hateful symbols that ultimately take away from their message which is to end pandemic mandates, a message I support.

What I cannot support is the unlawful blocking of any trade routes. It is specifically detrimental to Saskatchewan especially in this economy.

I have had some chats here in Ottawa with folks from Souris-Moose Mountain and other areas of Saskatchewan and the message I’m receiving is clear – Canadians want and need a peaceful resolution to this impasse. We need leadership from a Prime Minister who has been largely absent and unwilling to meet with the people he claims to care about. Canadians are looking for a leader to provide certainty and a clear path towards a life that resembles some form a normalcy.

Our Conservative caucus will be introducing a Motion in the House of Commons that will seek a plan from the government to end pandemic related mandates within a specific time frame. I will be supporting it when the time comes to vote.

Additionally, on February 7, 2022, The Honourable Candice Bergen, Interim Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada sent a letter to the Prime Minister requesting a meeting between political leaders to come together and find a way to de-escalate the protest and to help find a solution. The Prime Minister still has not responded. He needs to show leadership, accept the meeting request and be a part of the solution.